Halloween Family Dance and Bubbles Party

Join the Halloween Family Dance & Bubbles Party in Sunnyvale. This is a wide-age-range event. Kids, their parents, and grandparents are welcome to join us for dancing and showing off their Halloween costumes. It is also a great event to socialize and meet other parents. Don’t worry if you cannot dance.  This event is all about having fun, socializing, and being silly.

EVENT TIME AND LOCATION: October 29th at 10:00 AM in De Anza Park, Sunnyvale.


The party is going to happen on the grass area of the park, so make sure to wear appropriate shoes (for example, high heels would not be comfortable on the grass area). Lightsabers, swords, and any toy weapons are not allowed for this party to prevent accidents.

Make sure to be part of either The Sunnyvale Moms Group or the SplitBunch Group or both, this is where we are going to post all updates about the events.  Please, do not sign up friends, relatives, and other people who are not members of one or both of these groups:



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Our Sponsors

Montecito Preschool is inviting you to visit their campus. You can schedule a tour here: https://www.montecitopreschool.com/contact-us/. Montecito Preschool is a local play-based preschool.

PELC preschool is inviting you for an Open House on November 2 from 5:30 to 7:30pm. PELC is a local play-based preschool, check them out here: www.pelc.us. They have some openings for their 2023-2024 classes.
Local KItchens – everyone can find something they love at Local Kitchens (similar to a food court)! In one order you can get Bay-Area favorites like Square Pie Guys, Sushirrito, The Melt, and EVEN Thai from a Michelin Star-winning chef.  Use the code “MOMS23” at checkout for free entree. Valid until 10/31! They are located in Mountain View and Palo Alto. https://www.facebook.com/eat.local.kitchens/
Legarza Kids offers basketball, all-sports, and S.T.E.A.M. programs for kids ages 4-14. Use Promo Code “SUNNY50” for $50 off for legarzasports.org Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Break Camps:
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Time SlotPersonHalloween PartyTotal
Anna 1 kids$0
Rakhi B2 kids$0
manisha2 kids$0
Bill 1 kids$0
Selma 2 kids$0
Archana N1 kids$0
Reeta2 kids$0
Ping2 kids$0
Dawn 1 kids$0
Harsha Babu1 kids$0
Lan Ng.1 kids$0
Kavir 1 kids$0
Neev and Suri2 kids$0
Sunitha1 kids$0
Jasmine C1 kids$0
Susmita S.1 kids$0
Stephanie E2 kids$0
Prisilia2 kids$0
Vinima A1 kids$0
Prashanth3 kids$0
Geeta Gollakota1 kids$0
Angela T2 kids$0
Lan Hoang3 kids$0
Mario & Vicky L. 2 kids$0
Krisha1 kids$0
Anika1 kids$0
Prakrati 1 kids$0
Cynthia Pham1 kids$0
Sindhu Sappati1 kids$0
Cathy I2 kids$0
Lisa Tran2 kids$0
Ethan J1 kids$0
Carol J.4 kids$0
Kaveer 1 kids$0
Darshu2 kids$0
Yoke Peng2 kids$0
Gaya A.1 kids$0
Silki2 kids$0
Lipi S2 kids$0
Brittany D.1 kids$0
Mei 1 kids$0
Liv K1 kids$0
Amy w2 kids$0
Melanie T.1 kids$0
Anna C1 kids$0
Supriya K2 kids$0
Xiaohui Liu 2 kids$0
Bhavika2 kids$0
Jacqueline Wetenkamp1 kids$0
Rizan Hammoud2 kids$0
Pooja2 kids$0
Ellie S1 kids$0
Claire1 kids$0
gozde1 kids$0
Annie W.1 kids$0
Ritesh/Krish1 kids$0
Aditi, vivaan2 kids$0
Neev Mohan 1 kids$0
Nicole J1 kids$0
Ashley C.1 kids$0