Sand and Rivers Event

Join the Sand and Rivers Playdate in Sunnyvale. This is a wide-age-range event.

EVENT TIME AND LOCATION: September 24th at 10:00 AM in Braly Park, Sunnyvale.

We will provide diggers, a water table, bubble wands, and a snack-and-juice bar for attendees. But, we suggest that kids bring their own shovels and little buckets for water. All shovels and scoops need to be light and plastic, no metal shovels or shovels with long wood or metal handles are allowed. Feel free to bring sand molds! (You might want to label your molds with a sticker or marker since there may be many similar ones at the event.) The diggers are rated for age 3 and up only.

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Time SlotPersonSand Castle PlaydateTotal
Kamila A.1 kids$0
Ranjani 2 kids$0
Anhthu4 kids$0
Mario y Vicky 2 kids$0
Inessa R2 kids$0
Kavir 1 kids$0
Sofia D.1 kids$0
Tiffany Harwick2 kids$0
Chelsea & Krishna2 kids$0
Rajni sharma1 kids$0
Atharv1 kids$0
Suri and Neev2 kids$0
Veer1 kids$0
Christina L.1 kids$0
Amayra karthik1 kids$0
Almudena Martin Tirado 1 kids$0
Samir Dutt2 kids$0
Lisha K2 kids$0
sravya1 kids$0
Pouyan 1 kids$0
Sindhu S1 kids$0
Alice W1 kids$0
Divya Palpandi1 kids$0
Zoe D.1 kids$0
jewel3 kids$0
Carol J.3 kids$0
Laiseav Lor1 kids$0
Lori Shi1 kids$0
Maggie T2 kids$0
Kaveer1 kids$0
Parv shah1 kids$0
Deanna C1 kids$0
Aman G2 kids$0
Geeta1 kids$0
Shreyash Kadiyala1 kids$0
Jessica2 kids$0
Lisa Tran2 kids$0
Grayson V.1 kids$0
Sia 1 kids$0
Vivian 1 kids$0
Olga Ladd 1 kids$0
Tanya Gordon2 kids$0
Anna1 kids$0
Nathan Cathcart1 kids$0
Mishka1 kids$0
Nila2 kids$0