School Resource Fair in Mountain View

The School Resource Fair in Mountain View is free for parents and kids! This event is brought to you by The Sunnyvale Moms group. Join us at the Mountain View De Anza Masonic Lodge located at 890 Church St, Mountain View, CA 94041 on March 17, between 11.30 am and 2.30 pm. This in-person event is a great opportunity to find and learn about local resources for children such as preschools, schools, camps, after-school activities, and more. Don’t miss out on this chance to connect with the community and discover all the educational opportunities available to your children. See you there!

Please register, here, to reserve your spot and receive event-related announcements.

Come check out schools, preschools, programs, and activities tailored for young minds from early childhood through high school.  Many vendors are preparing free demos, classes, prize wheels, and special offers.

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Time SlotPersonSchool Resource FairTotal
Kavita B2 person$0
Astha1 person$0
Camille 3 person$0
Brenda L3 person$0
Nalei H.2 person$0
Shilpa S3 person$0
Elle2 person$0
Panpa2 person$0
Jessica Wei3 person$0
Laura Chan3 person$0
Elena B3 person$0
Tatiane Santa Rosa2 person$0
Ashleigh R.1 person$0
Alicia M1 person$0
Melissa k 4 person$0
Sree C3 person$0
Sudipa3 person$0
Karen c5 person$0
Aakanksha J3 person$0
Preeti3 person$0
Carol J3 person$0
Dhanya M3 person$0
Minakshi 2 person$0
Sabrina Z3 person$0
Khyati Kapoor3 person$0
Ekta3 person$0
Alejandra V4 person$0
Maddy S4 person$0
Kelly L3 person$0
Ranjani Thirumalai3 person$0
Susmita3 person$0
Gertrude Tyler 6 person$0
Poonam2 person$0
Wendy2 person$0
Carla Bayot3 person$0
Angira3 person$0
Nee T.3 person$0
Shammi Quddus3 person$0
Sofia2 person$0
Priya2 person$0
Mili s2 person$0
Gillian C2 person$0
Annie2 person$0
Payal2 person$0
Fei c4 person$0
Stephanie 5 person$0
Khushboo 3 person$0
Angela B4 person$0
Beya chicha5 person$0
R.A 2 person$0
Y.S.2 person$0
David E. 4 person$0
Kim kojima 3 person$0
Daena Watcha4 person$0
Nancy 4 person$0
Judee T.2 person$0
Luciane2 person$0
C. C.4 person$0
Dipali3 person$0
Milena 1 person$0
Merve 3 person$0
Rachel2 person$0
Sophie N.3 person$0
Ada perez2 person$0
Pranjal2 person$0
Niv 4 person$0
Gouri 4 person$0
Mili2 person$0
Sandra W4 person$0
Deepti4 person$0
Bickie C. 2 person$0
Puneet Kumar 4 person$0
Puneet Kumar 4 person$0
Sabrina Z3 person$0
Madhura T2 person$0
Alice T6 person$0
Anna C.3 person$0
Ann S.4 person$0
Reeta3 person$0
Debbie A3 person$0
Aparna1 person$0
Jiwoo P3 person$0
Aparna1 person$0
Siri P2 person$0
Helen C.2 person$0
Reyna M4 person$0
Tammy S4 person$0
Priya S4 person$0
Margarita S.4 person$0
Sherril Wang4 person$0
Manali b3 person$0
Marlis K2 person$0
Helen Fong3 person$0
Ashlee W2 person$0
Christiana Quinn2 person$0
Abhishek2 person$0
Seon Ji2 person$0
Stephanie Henriquez3 person$0
Swetha RK2 person$0
Emely Pantoja 3 person$0
Lisa2 person$0
Stephanie4 person$0
Nikhil S3 person$0
Neha 2 person$0
Neha 2 person$0
Ann H3 person$0
Lisa Tran4 person$0
Joanne G. 2 person$0
Preethi3 person$0
Rachel-rose 3 person$0
Ramya Subramanian 3 person$0
Stephanie 3 person$0
Ramya K 4 person$0
Nancy P4 person$0
Annie3 person$0
Lak K2 person$0
Bhavna 1 person$0
Estella2 person$0
Ana K2 person$0
Sandy H3 person$0
Steffi ving3 person$0
Amin4 person$0
Silvia3 person$0
Kanishk Mathialagan 4 person$0
Sid S. 2 person$0
Adi D3 person$0
Violeta S3 person$0
Shaahid2 person$0
Irina S. 6 person$0
Sonam Shahane4 person$0
Noor hamdan 3 person$0
Maliha1 person$0
Taka2 person$0
Somesh S3 person$0
Tessa J2 person$0
Yentl 2 person$0
Jayna3 person$0
Amy B 2 person$0
Angira3 person$0
Christina n4 person$0
Vanessa4 person$0
Kara S2 person$0
Sally T2 person$0
Maryam 3 person$0
Vinkitha 3 person$0
Vivian G1 person$0
Al Tan1 person$0
Dhvani2 person$0
Jamie k4 person$0
Ranjani2 person$0
Gisela Reyes 2 person$0
Richa4 person$0
Nary5 person$0
Lisha K5 person$0
Amanda3 person$0
Alexandra H4 person$0
Lindsay H.1 person$0
Libby Chang4 person$0
Puneet Kumar4 person$0
Roxy Yang1 person$0
Nat Hsu4 person$0
Kritika R2 person$0
Ellen Chiu3 person$0
Kritika 1 person$0
Meenakshi3 person$0
Cindy3 person$0
Cin F.4 person$0
Chandani 2 person$0
Ally2 person$0
S.Lee3 person$0
Vivaan B.2 person$0
Deepali1 person$0
Neha3 person$0
Hanan Al4 person$0
Aparna2 person$0
Susan1 person$0
Disha A3 person$0
Kirti3 person$0
Dayane W. 2 person$0
Elaine3 person$0
Dinesh N3 person$0
Elena Pieshkina4 person$0
Tiffany H3 person$0
Alifiyaparekh2 person$0
Mariana 4 person$0
Sachin SINGH3 person$0
Elizabeth P4 person$0
Jayashree 3 person$0
Arpita.K3 person$0
Nishit shah3 person$0
Nihan K.1 person$0
Nachi5 person$0
Rachana Jethwani 4 person$0
Priyanka D2 person$0
Dunni4 person$0
Priya Gupta3 person$0
Helen fong3 person$0
Johanna White1 person$0
Shruti3 person$0
Bhumi2 person$0
Josh T2 person$0
Priyanka Kaushal4 person$0
Kristine3 person$0
Osma T1 person$0
Shannon W3 person$0
Dhyaa S3 person$0
Patti L. 3 person$0
Ranj T3 person$0
Amanda R1 person$0
Anna T.4 person$0
Gayatri2 person$0
Tammy York2 person$0
Eileen Le2 person$0
Dinesh4 person$0
Irina O.4 person$0
Jessica M.2 person$0
Shikha3 person$0
Lori shi2 person$0
Gomz4 person$0
VGS 1 person$0
Abby4 person$0
Bao Nguyen2 person$0
Doug 2 person$0
Jia C3 person$0
Rena Y3 person$0
Noor H.3 person$0
Shih chu Kao1 person$0
Silki 4 person$0
Pooja1 person$0
April W5 person$0