Toddler/Preschool Easter Egg Hunt March 30, 2024

Join The Sunnyvale Moms/ SplitBunch Groups’s Easter Egg Hunt event for kids age: Toddlers/Preschool kids (Please, join the correct age category, so our little kids can take their time hunting eggs and do not compete with school kids for the eggs and our older kids can run through the field freely at the speed they want 🙂 Toddler/Preschool level of egg hunting will be an easier level than school kids get).

EVENT DATE: March 30, 2024, 10AM

EVENT LOCATION: De Anza Park Sunnyvale


  1. Bring eggs to the event.  No sweets inside of the eggs are allowed. Desired number of eggs: 20 counts per kid
  2. Don’t be late. Easter Eggs Hunts are short. If you are 5 minutes late you probably missed the main part of the event!
  3. Every egg needs to have a kid-friendly surprise inside. (no food!)


Our first Sunnyvale Easter Egg Hunt was in 2016 when my son was a toddler. This event became popular because we made sure that we have enough eggs by collecting and distributing eggs per person. We also know that our little people often end up without any eggs in their baskets when they attend events where there is no age separation. Our older kids can’t enjoy running freely when there are many “little bugs” in their way.  That is why we are separating the kids by age groups in back-to-back slots, this makes our event run smoothly and lets everyone enjoy the events. The younger kids will have an easier hunt. Then, the older kids will have theirs (with better hidden eggs).

Please, don’t be late! Easter Egg Hunt events are quick and the kids can’t wait to hunt their eggs!


You can also buy already-filled eggs on Amazon if you do not have time to put them together.

Here are some good examples from our previous events:

Eggs filled with construction truck

Eggs filled with plush animals

Dinosaur Egg
Recyclable egg (those eggs are not filled but good for nature. Make sure to fill them with something fun (not sweets).)

We are going to send you event coordinates and updates about other Easter egg activities included into this event via the email you provide to us. You also get an email confirmation after you sign up.

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Time SlotPersonEaster Egg Hunt ParticipantsTotal
Akangsha 2 $0
Prakrati gupta1 $0
Bhavika1 $0
Nancy N2 $0
Gabby R.1 $0
Ann Tom1 $0
Baby Max Behal, Maliha Mustafa, Amit Behal1 $0
Amruta1 $0
Valerie Bern1 $0
Jaxson1 $0
Aishwarya V1 $0
Jayden1 $0
Suyana D2 $0
Gabriella C1 $0
Madhura T1 $0
Diego1 $0
Swarna 2 $0
Grant M2 $0
Ramya Subramanian 1 $0
Anurupa Sharma2 $0
Ekta1 $0
Maria I1 $0
Samik Girish Ashwini1 $0
Swetosree Sinha 1 $0
Payal1 $0
Jeannine J2 $0
Julie1 $0
Aviel Perez1 $0
Reetika1 $0
Chrissy & Julian M.2 $0
Balthazar1 $0
Brenda1 $0
Christian 1 $0
Sarah T1 $0
Susan1 $0
Aadhav 1 $0
Atlas Shaw2 $0
Christiana 2 $0
Vivian N1 $0
Aarti gupta 1 $0
Klay S1 $0
Kristina F1 $0
Judee1 $0
Kim k3 $0
Alexander and Andrew 2 $0
Vir Dangayach1 $0
Irina R.1 $0
Tugce Ozkan1 $0
Olivia2 $0
Ramya K2 $0
Diego1 $0
Ariella Rojas 1 $0
Vedant 3 $0
Romin3 $0
Kailash2 $0
nikita1 $0
Aranya3 $0
Aarya k1 $0
Aayra 1 $0
Mukuthan1 $0
Kelly H1 $0
Meher, Mishu and Rushil3 $0
Jaffre 1 $0
Pooja Takavale1 $0
Elena1 $0
Everett 1 $0
Chrissy C1 $0
Avyukth 2 $0
Ginni b1 $0
Abhishek1 $0
Supriya K1 $0
Nina1 $0
Miaojun Zhang1 $0
caleb1 $0
Brynn L.1 $0
Jennifer1 $0
Irene Tsai1 $0
Shreyasi1 $0
Stephanie 3 $0
Jane W2 $0
Jennifer L1 $0
Rach1 $0
Chitra1 $0
Siddhant S1 $0
Samaira3 $0
Max and Zoe2 $0
Anjali R1 $0
Maggie T.3 $0
Cynthia T.2 $0
Ainhoa 1 $0
Rashmi P2 $0
Zara1 $0
Romy S.1 $0
Pranjal A1 $0
Misha N1 $0
Claire 1 $0
Bhavani Sankar2 $0
sohum sai1 $0
Anuya B1 $0
Shakthi1 $0
Jack P1 $0
Rakesh 2 $0
Stephany1 $0
Prisha Gujral 1 $0
Fiona B1 $0
Leo V1 $0
Enzo L. 1 $0
Deepali1 $0
Nila2 $0
Rowrow1 $0
Alberta Y1 $0
Jade F.1 $0
Maya S1 $0
Sheena J2 $0
Mitushi2 $0
Anvay G1 $0