Fremont: Mini Sweet Peppers, Organic Tomatoes, Sweetest Batch Blueberries

Location: OLD MISSION PARK’s parking lot. See the coordinates in your email.

The list will be closed at 8.30 pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time, not after, so the vendor does not do any not-needed work.

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*Berries and other smaller fruit come in NET weight boxes, that exclude packaging and material. Big boxes with loose fruit/veggies are usually Gross weight, their weight includes the weight of the box and wrapping material.

*All produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event.

Organic Mini Sweet Peppers 12X1LBS $25 Del Cabo
Organic Apples FUJI 80CT $45 Maximum split:5
Organic Tomatoes ROMA DIVINE 25LBS $25
Organic Mini Heirloom Tomatoes $20 12X1PINT DEL CABO MEXICO Maximum split:4.
Organic Bunched Broccoli $28 for 14 bunches
Organic Cauliflower $28 for 12
Sweetest Batch Blueberries from Driscoll’s $55 for 8/11oz Maximum split:4.
Cara Cara oranges $37 for 72CT California
King B Gold Nugget mandarins $40 for 25 pounds STEM AND LEAF
 MURCOTT mandarins 10X3LBS BAGS $50
Avocado (Calavo) 60CT $70 Maximum split:5
Tomatoes Heirloom $16  for 10 pounds Sunset
Blackberry, Driscoll’s $36 12/6oz
Raspberry Driscoll’s $36 12/6oz
Strawberry, Driscoll’s  $36 8/1lb
Artichoke 24CT $26
Bunched broccoli $20 for 18 bunches
English cucumbers $15 for 12 ct
 Persian Cucumbers 20LBS $30
Snap Pea $35  for 10 pounds
Portabella mushrooms $22 for 5 pounds
Nectarines from Chile 34/36CT $35 YELLOW Maximum split:5
 Gold Pineapples 6CT $21
Papaya Hawaiian $32 for 8ct
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Time SlotPersonOrganic Mini Sweet PeppersOrganic Apples FUJIOrganic Tomatoes ROMAOrganic Mini Heirloom TomatoesOrganic Bunched BroccoliOrganic CauliflowerMango ATAULFOSweetest Batch BlueberriesCara Cara orangesKing B Gold Nugget mandarinsMURCOTT mandarinsAvocadoTomatoes HeirloomBlackberry, Driscoll\'sRaspberry Driscoll\'sStrawberry, Driscoll\'sArtichokeBunched broccoliEnglish cucumbersPersian CucumbersSnap PeaPortabella mushroomsNectarinesGold PineapplesPapaya HawaiianTotal
April W---1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes-----1 boxes-1 boxes----1 boxes1 boxes---$220
Suzanne M----------------1 boxes-1 boxes------$41
Sarah Su------1 boxes1 boxes--------------1 boxes--$106
Alka T--1 boxes---1 boxes-----------1 boxes------$56
Shalini Sasidharan --1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes--------1 boxes------$179