Fuji, Murcott, Cara Cara, Asparagus, Strawberries


Organic Fuji apples $35 for 64ct
Organic SUGAR PLUM  tomato $18 (12/1pt)   Del Cabo farms
Organic Heirlooms  10 POUNDS FOR $22
Cara Cara $35 for 72
Portabella mushrooms $18 for 5 pounds (Bay Area local produce)
 Shiitake $28 for 5 pounds  (Bay Area local produce)
Murcott mandarines Stem and Leaf MIXED SIZES $25 for 25 pounds
Danjou Red pears $25 for 35ct
 White peach 36 CT $40 (Chile)
Asparagus $19 for 25 bunches,  local produce, from Castroville (Monterey area)
Hawaiian Papayas (Calavo) $29 for 8ct
Ocean Spray strawberries $14 for the box of  8/1lbs
Hadden Mango 10CT $9  The Internet says about this variety: The Haden mango has some fiber. The taste is smooth and rich. A ripe Haden is very sweet, with a custard-like texture,

Location: Lakewood Park’s parking lot (it is behind the basketball and tennis courts) 834 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Please, wear masks for the event and do social distancing.
Please don’t share the link outside of the group.
*Total weight includes the weight of the box and wrapping material. Net weight includes product’s weight excluding its packaging.

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Time SlotPersonFuji applesSugar plum tomatoesHeirloom tomatoesCara CaraPortabella mushroomsShiitakeMurcott mandarinesDanjou red pearWhite PeachAsparagusHawaiian PapayasStrawberriesHadden MangoTotal
Anna De---1 boxes--------1 boxes$44
Jigna1 boxes--1 boxes-------1 boxes1 boxes$93
Esther A-1 boxes----1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes$91
Selma K1 boxes------1 boxes--1 boxes2 boxes1 boxes$126
Kirti kansal--1 boxes1 boxes----1 boxes--1 boxes-$111
SuShien P, pick up by Lee P--------1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes$78
Linda S. --1 boxes--------1 boxes1 boxes$45
Michelle Y----1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes--1 boxes$71
Angela C------1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes2 boxes$97
Irina K--2 boxes-1 boxes--------$62
Celia Sanchez -----------2 boxes2 boxes$46
Priya------1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes$88
Pavan--1 boxes----------$22
Sandy---1 boxes------1 boxes-1 boxes$73
Emily C---1 boxes------1 boxes--$64
Lulu C-----------1 boxes1 boxes$23
Sandy---1 boxes------1 boxes-1 boxes$73
John C-----------2 boxes-$28
Anhthu C1 boxes---1 boxes----1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes$95
madhavi ----------1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes$52
Maneesha---1 boxes-------2 boxes1 boxes$72
Katrina R.-1 boxes---------1 boxes-$32
Aparna K--1 boxes-1 boxes-----1 boxes-2 boxes$87
Ashley E-----------1 boxes1 boxes$23
Anvi Parikh-1 boxes--1 boxes------1 boxes-$50
Vaishali V---1 boxes-----1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes$77
Stephanie Anderson ---------1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes$42
Priyanka--1 boxes---------2 boxes$40
Kate K------1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes$73
Amy S--1 boxes-1 boxes----1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes$82
Lori Shi----------1 boxes-1 boxes$38
Sabrina A1 boxes-------1 boxes----$75
Jennifer N--1 boxes-------1 boxes--$51
Deepti------1 boxes------$25
Anupama----1 boxes------1 boxes1 boxes$41
Divya W------1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes$88
Sowjanya---1 boxes----1 boxes--1 boxes2 boxes$107
Beth Erickson-----------4 boxes-$56
Sofya T.-1 boxes1 boxes------1 boxes---$59
Patty-----------4 boxes-$56
Fethiye K1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes$145
Veera----------1 boxes-3 boxes$56
Olivia p--------1 boxes--1 boxes-$54
Sravani Addepalli------1 boxes----1 boxes1 boxes$48
Chaitu---1 boxes---------$35
Silvia S------1 boxes-----1 boxes$34
Irina K------1 boxes--1 boxes-1 boxes-$58
Divya A.-1 boxes----1 boxes-----2 boxes$61
Jenney M--1 boxes-1 boxes------1 boxes-$54
Li L.--1 boxes-1 boxes-------2 boxes$58
Marlis1 boxes----1 boxes-----1 boxes1 boxes$86
Adrienne Beronilla -----------2 boxes-$28
Deepti------1 boxes------$25
Liz Y---------1 boxes-2 boxes-$47
Kim C--1 boxes1 boxes-------1 boxes1 boxes$80
Rosario-----------1 boxes-$14
Gouthami ---1 boxes--------1 boxes$44
Sofya P--1 boxes--------1 boxes-$36
Dhivya1 boxes--1 boxes----1 boxes1 boxes---$129
Angeles Aguilar ------1 boxes-1 boxes----$65
Deepali Suri--1 boxes---------1 boxes$31
Christina Shih--1 boxes--1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes2 boxes$130
Hamid Mousavi1 boxes-----1 boxes1 boxes-----$85
riddhi Marjadi-----------1 boxes1 boxes$23
Rach------1 boxes------$25
Elana F-1 boxes--1 boxes--1 boxes-1 boxes---$80
Maricar Abaya-Antonio--1 boxes-------1 boxes--$51
Olesya Menon--1 boxes--1 boxes---1 boxes---$69
Lipi Sanghi -1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes--1 boxes----1 boxes$105
Rakhi M------------1 boxes$9
Gaitie Zaheer------------1 boxes$9
Jyoti Mehta1 boxes1 boxes----------1 boxes$62
Saeideh---1 boxes---------$35
Maayan------------1 boxes$9
Jessie T------------1 boxes$9