HougePark organic mango, organic pin lady, organic pear, organic strawberries

San Jose (Houge park event): Houge Park’s parking lot (it is behind tennis courts and it looks at Building Kidz School) Twilight Drive & White Oaks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124
The signup list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time, not after, so the vendor does not do any not-needed work.

1.Organic Pink Lady $20 for 50ct. These apples are from Stemilt farms, they are one of the best organic apple producers. USA, WA. Extra Fancy grade!
2. Organic Bartlett Pears $44 for 70 ct. Argentina
3. Organic strawberries  Ocean Mist farms 8/1lb $28
4. Organic Sugar Plum Tomatoes $18 for 12/1pt (sweet variety of little tomatoes) Del Cabo  Farms
5. Organic Manila Mango $10 20CT
6.Blueberries 12/6oz $24 Driscoll’s farms. USA
7.Raspberries 12/6 oz $32 Driscoll’s farms USA
8.Blackberries  12/6 oz $32 Driscoll’s farms  USA
9. Mini Watermelons $24  ( it is 8ct on average, but they are targeted to weight, so it would depend on the size of them)
10. Mango Haden $11 for 12ct
11. Golden Kiwi $24 for 22ct
12. Cauliflowers 12ct for $13
13. Portobello Mushrooms $18 for 5pounds. Grown in California (The number of mushrooms depends on their size).
14. Cherries 16LBS FOR $20 (8 bags in a box). California, Eagle brand . These are start-of-the-season cherries.
15. Rincon avocado $46 for 60ct  Grown in California, Santa Barbara area.
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Time SlotPersonOrganic Pink LadyOrganic Bartlett Pears Organic Sugar Plum TomatoesOrganic StrawberryOrganic Manila MangoBlueberriesRaspberriesBlackberriesMini WatermelonsGolden KiwiCauliflowersPortobello MushroomsCherriesAvocadoMango HadenTotal
Rebecca1 boxes-1 boxes3 boxes1 boxes2 boxes2 boxes2 boxes1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes2 boxes1 boxes--$425
Robert Young----1 boxes-------1 boxes--$30
Fay W---------1 boxes-----$24
Dhaval----1 boxes---------1 boxes$21
Donna Sai---1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes-----$86
Maissa----1 boxes-------1 boxes--$30
Lisa-------1 boxes-------$32
Shallu Bhalla----1 boxes----------$10
Sonia shah ---1 boxes2 boxes----1 boxes--1 boxes-1 boxes$103
Harini Kishan1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes$126
Neeru Bansal--------------1 boxes$11
Ida w.---1 boxes1 boxes----1 boxes-----$62
Anna wong----3 boxes-----1 boxes-1 boxes--$63
Gesmyne Bell--1 boxes-----------1 boxes$29
Payal Rambhia----1 boxes----------$10
Richard----2 boxes----------$20
Mounika-----1 boxes--1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes-$127
Liz Y---1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes----$97
Suruchi Bhargava1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes4 boxes1 boxes1 boxes2 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes-2 boxes1 boxes2 boxes$415
Aditi Angle--------------1 boxes$11
Paola----1 boxes----1 boxes--1 boxes--$54
Abha R---1 boxes----------4 boxes$72
Le N.----2 boxes----1 boxes--1 boxes--$64
Rebecca C----2 boxes1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes--$109
Mona H---------1 boxes-----$24
Alice------------1 boxes--$20
Nidhi Surana---1 boxes1 boxes----------$38
Sudeepti----1 boxes----------$10
Vasu Madhav -----1 boxes-------1 boxes-$70
Sakshi Kalra--------------1 boxes$11
Elaine Steinberg--1 boxes-------1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes-$95
Patty O’Sullivan---1 boxes-------1 boxes1 boxes--$66
Vidhya Iyer----1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes--1 boxes--$78
Janhavi Virkar----1 boxes----------$10
Esther s---1 boxes2 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes--1 boxes--$116
Rakhi M----1 boxes----------$10
Liz C. 1 boxes---1 boxes----------$30
Steph A--1 boxes-3 boxes---1 boxes------$72
Nirali Vora--------------1 boxes$11
Lisa-1 boxes-1 boxes-----------$72
Stephanie Pandya----1 boxes-1 boxes-----1 boxes--$62
Michelle Chiang---1 boxes---1 boxes----1 boxes--$80
Maya----1 boxes----------$10
Monisha----1 boxes--1 boxes----2 boxes--$82
Janhavi Virkar--------------1 boxes$11
Natalie muzzio1 boxes--1 boxes-----------$48
Megha S Suryawanshi---1 boxes2 boxes----------$48
Jean M---1 boxes-----1 boxes----1 boxes$63
Wendy1 boxes---1 boxes----2 boxes---1 boxes-$124
Vijaya P------------1 boxes--$20
Rose K.----1 boxes-------1 boxes--$30
Silvia St------------1 boxes--$20
Pearl----4 boxes----------$40
Ruchi----1 boxes----------$10
Vijaya P1 boxes---3 boxes--------1 boxes-$96
sherin---1 boxes2 boxes----------$48
Hamid-----1 boxes1 boxes-----2 boxes--$96
Nadia---1 boxes1 boxes----------$38
Esperanza ----1 boxes----------$10
Karla G----1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes--1 boxes--$78
Tonya S.---1 boxes-----------$28
Bhumi----1 boxes----------$10
Shallu Bhalla------------1 boxes--$20