Microevent: Tru2Earth Certified Organic Local Farm from Gilroy

Location: Lakewood Park’s parking lot (it is behind the basketball and tennis courts) 834 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

The signup list will be closed at 8.30 pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time,  so the farmer does not do any not-needed work.

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Payment: cash only at the event

Tru2Earth is a certified ( CCOF) organic farm in Santa Clara County. They are going to bring their fresh produce that is usually available for u pick and now for our event.
 1. Local, Certified Organic 3lb strawberries ($15) Strawberries are small. The farmer said that “Strawberries still have good flavor but size has dropped due to heat”.
2. Local, Certified Organic  5lb Yellow onions  ($5)

 3. Local, Certified Organic 5lb Red onions ($5)

 4. Local, Certified Organic  3lb Heirloom Beefsteak tomatoes ($9)
 5. Local, Certified Organic  1lb Mix Cherry tomatoes ($5)
6. Local, Certified Organic Big Leek (bunch of 3) – $3 ( Farmer needs to provide their picture)
7. Local, Certified Organic  3lb Zucchini ($6)
8. Decorative glass corn (3 cobs for $2)It is an ornamental variety of corn for the fall decor, not for eating!
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Time SlotPersonOrganic strawberriesOrganic Yellow onions Organic Red onionsOrganic Beefsteak tomatoesOrganic Mix Cherry tomatoesOrganic Big LeekOrganic ZucchiniDecorative glass cornTotal
Mona H3 pounds-5 pounds--1 bunch3 pounds6 count$33
Catherine T3 pounds--3 pounds1 pounds---$29
Betts6 pounds-5 pounds--1 bunch--$38
Ilkay6 pounds10 pounds-6 pounds-1 bunch--$61
Monica R.---6 pounds1 pounds2 bunch--$29
JL. 3 pounds-5 pounds3 pounds-1 bunch--$32
Esther A6 pounds---2 pounds---$40
Mira P3 pounds5 pounds-3 pounds2 pounds-3 pounds-$45
Frances L--5 pounds--2 bunch--$11
Leah g3 pounds5 pounds5 pounds--1 bunch--$28
Tammy S3 pounds-------$15
Anna D---3 pounds-1 bunch--$12
Priti Jain3 pounds-------$15
Amber-----2 bunch3 pounds9 count$18
Khushi 3 pounds-------$15