Organic California grapes, Concord Grapes, Keitt Mango

Location: Sunnyvale Sports Basement: 1177 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Park at the parking lot that looks at Lawrence expressway.

The parking lot is going only in one direction.

The list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time, not after, so the vendor does not do any not-needed work.

*Make sure to double-check the list after you signed up. If your name is not on the list it means you did not sign up. It usually happens when the user misses some required lines of the form.

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*Berries and other smaller fruit come in NET weight boxes, that exclude packaging and material. Big boxes are usually Gross weight, their weight includes the weight of the box and wrapping material.

*All produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event.


Organic apples FUJI 80CT $80 NEW ZEALAND
Organic blueberries 12X6OZ $30
Organic strawberries $40 8/1lb Drsicoll’s farm
Organic Sugar Plum Tomatoes from Del Cabo farms 12X1PINT $20
Organic Mini Watermelons  6CT $30
Organic Black Seedless grape Open Tote  12X2LBS $48
Organic Red Seedless gapes Open Tote  12X2LBS $48
Organic Green Seedless grapes Open Tote E 12X2LBS $48
Envy apples $45 for 50CT
Comice pears $36 30CT
California Yali Pears 32CT $45
Concord grapes  $24  for 6 pounds
Cling Peach 15CT $25 (clingstone peach)
French beans 10X1LBS $40
Mango Kent 9CT $7
Mango Keitt 5CT $9
Daisy mandarins 22LBS $35 Peru
Murcott mandarins 22LBS $40 Peru
Orri mandarins 22LBS $45 Peru
Green Pluots Emerald Beauty  96CT $50 California (Dino brand)
Golden kiwi 22CT $27
Avocado 60CT $55
Chilean CARA CARA oranges 56CT $50 Chile
Snow pea 10LBS $36
Green Bell Peppers 25LBS $32
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Time SlotPersonOrganic apples FUJIOrganic blueberriesOrganic strawberriesOrganic Sugar Plum Tomatoes from Del Cabo farmsOrganic Mini Watermelons Organic Black SeedlessOrganic Red Seedless gapesOrganic Green Seedless grapesEnvy applesComice pearsCalifornia Yali PearsConcord grapes Cling PeachFrench beansMango KentMango KeittDaisy mandarinsMurcott mandarinsOrri mandarinsGreen Pluots Emerald Beauty Golden kiwiAvocadoCARA CARA orangesSnow peaGreen Bell PeppersTotal
Jeanette H------------------1 boxes------$45
Sue Kang---------------1 boxes------1 boxes--$59
Nancy w-1 boxes-------------1 boxes----1 boxes----$66
Poovizhi -1 boxes-------------1 boxes-1 boxes-------$79
Aarti--------------2 boxes1 boxes---------$23
Saumya---------------1 boxes---------$9
Sarah -1 boxes----------1 boxes--2 boxes---------$73
Susmita Saha--------------2 boxes1 boxes---------$23
Sandy-1 boxes------------2 boxes-1 boxes----1 boxes---$134
Soni--------------1 boxes1 boxes---------$16
Mira P---1 boxes----------1 boxes------1 boxes---$82
Dhara K--------------4 boxes----------$28
Angela A -----------1 boxes1 boxes--1 boxes--1 boxes------$103
Debbie sipat -1 boxes-----------------------$30
Kristina L-------1 boxes------1 boxes2 boxes-----1 boxes---$128
Kavita--------------1 boxes-----1 boxes1 boxes---$89
Deepali Suri-1 boxes------------------1 boxes----$57
YoYo G----------------------1 boxes--$50
Jim and Yuan Fulton-1 boxes----------------1 boxes------$75
Lisa Skrenchuk------1 boxes--------1 boxes---------$57
Lisa Skrenchuk------1 boxes--------1 boxes---------$57
Anna D-----------1 boxes-------------$24
Shelly c------1 boxes--------------1 boxes---$103
Angeles Aguilar --------------------2 boxes----$54
Pam T-1 boxes--1 boxes-------------1 boxes------$105
Lori Shi--------------2 boxes----------$14
Marlis -1 boxes---1 boxes--------2 boxes1 boxes-----1 boxes---$156
Josephine---------------1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes--$136