Organic tomatoes, Organic Apples, Strawberries

Location: Sunnyvale Sports Basement: 1177 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Park at the parking lot that looks at Lawrence expressway.

The parking lot is going only in one direction.

The list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time, not after, so the vendor does not do any not-needed work.

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*Berries and other smaller fruit come in NET weight boxes, that exclude packaging and material. Big boxes are usually Gross weight, their weight includes the weight of the box and wrapping material.

*All produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event.

 Organic FUJI apples 88CT $58
 Organic Cluster Tomatoes  11LBS $20
Organic Mini Heirloom tomatoes from Del Cabo Farms  12X1PINT $20
Organic Green Zucchini Del Cabo Farms $26 for 22 pounds
Organic Roma tomatoes $25 for 25 pounds
Organic Padron Chili  12X1PINT $10
Envy Apples 50CT $50
Comice pears $40 for 50ct
Asian Hosui $32 for  12CT
Red Seedless Allison grapes $40 for 18 pounds (8 bags)
Blueberry Driscoll’s  12X1PINT $29
Raspberry $30 for 12/6oz
OCEAN SPRAY LABEL strawberries 8X1LBS $15
Cara Cara oranges 72CT $37 (California)
Gold Nugget mandarins MAMMOTH 55CT $50 (they are large, fancy grade)
 Honey mandarins  Florida 35LBS $55
Ataulfo Mango 18CT CHAMPAGNE LABEL $13
 Haden Mango 9CT $14
Pink Glow Pineapples 6CT $55
White Peach  (Chile) 34CT $50
Yellow Nectarines (Chile) 34CT $35
Black Plum (Chile) 18LBS $45
Avocado 60CT $64
Bunched Broccoli $19 for 18 bunches
Persian cucumbers $25 for 20 pounds
English cucumbers $14 for 12ct
Okra 15LBS $50
 Heirloom tomatoes $18 for 10 pounds
Mushroom PORTABELLA 5LBS $23
Snap pea $28 for 10 pounds
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Time SlotPersonOrganic FUJI applesOrganic Cluster Tomatoes Organic Mini Heirloom tomatoesOrganic Green ZucchiniOrganic Roma tomatoesOrganic Padron ChiliEnvy ApplesComice pearsAsian HosuiRed Allison grapesBlueberry Driscoll\'sCara Cara orangesGold Nugget mandarins MAMMOTHHoney mandarinsAtaulfo MangoHaden MangoPink Glow PineapplesWhite PeachYellow NectarinesBlack PlumAvocadoBunched BroccoliPersian cucumbersEnglish cucumbersOkraHeirloom tomatoesMushroom PORTABELLASnap PeaPapaya HawaiianRaspberry Driscoll\'sOCEAN SPRAY LABEL strawberriesTotal
Manali ---------------1 boxes---------------$14
april t---------------------------1 boxes--1 boxes$43
Divya A.----------1 boxes--1 boxes----1 boxes------------$119
Lulu C------------------------------1 boxes$15
Angela A.------------1 boxes------------1 boxes-----$68
Fethiye K--1 boxes-------------------1 boxes--------$45
Szia Be--1 boxes----------------------------$20
Sofya P-----------------1 boxes--1 boxes----1 boxes-----$132
Irina K--1 boxes----------------1 boxes--1 boxes---2 boxes----$136
Eileen --------1 boxes------1 boxes-1 boxes-------------$96
Harini Jagadeesan--1 boxes-------1 boxes---1 boxes----1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes$272
Belinda chin--------------1 boxes----------------$13
Manjari G----------1 boxes-------------------1 boxes$44
Allison R--------------2 boxes----------------$26
Yulduz-----------1 boxes-----------------1 boxes-$67
Kimberly L---------------1 boxes---------------$14
Parul M----------------------------1 boxes--$32
Christina --1 boxes--------------------1 boxes-------$34
Emma C--------1 boxes------1 boxes---------------$46
Abha------------1 boxes-2 boxes------------1 boxes---$104
Manjusha Mohite -2 boxes-----------------------------$40
Srivani -----------1 boxes--1 boxes----------------$50
Neerja---------------1 boxes--------1 boxes------$64
Sharon K------1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes----1 boxes-1 boxes----------1 boxes$239
Ee May Chin----1 boxes--------------------------$25
Katie Ramirez---1 boxes--1 boxes------------------------$76
Annapurna --------1 boxes----------------------$32
Siva-1 boxes---------1 boxes--2 boxes--------1 boxes-------$97
Dhara K----1 boxes----------1 boxes----1 boxes----------$103
Suruchi chopra1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes------1 boxes--1 boxes3 boxes------2 boxes-2 boxes-----1 boxes$366
Amanda C-----------------------------1 boxes1 boxes$45
Ma\\\'ayan---------1 boxes----1 boxes---------------1 boxes$68