Organic tomatoes, organic bananas, mushrooms, avocado

Location: Sunnyvale Sports Basement:1177 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Park at the parking lot that looks at Lawrence expressway.
Sports Basement is providing us a promo code for 20% (RET-SVMoms). Feel free to use it online or in the store.

Organic cluster tomatoes $18 for 11 pounds
Organic banana 40LBS $30  (they will come green) DOLE
Organic Broccoli $14 for 14 bunches

Blackberry $36 for 12/6oz Driscoll’s
Raspberry  $36 for 12/6oz  Driscoll’s
Corn yellow $39 for 48ct
Avocado from Rincon Farms, Carpenteria, 60ct for $48 California (small)
Manila Mangoes from Champagne brand 14CT $15
Portabella mushrooms $18 for 5 pounds  (The number of mushrooms depends on their size) (California)
Oyster mushrooms $28 for 5 pounds 5 boxes (California)
Heirloom tomatoes  $26 for 10 pounds
Kiwi green $38 for 20 pounds
Asparagus $20 for 11 pounds ( It is based on the weight but it seems like 11 bunches on average)
Hawaiian papayas 7 ct $30
Quince $42 for 26ct
Mint $10 for 12 bunches
FUJI apples  72 CT  $32

Please, wear masks for the event and do social distancing.
Please don’t share the link outside of the group.
*Total weight includes the weight of the box and wrapping material. Net weight includes product’s weight excluding its packaging

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Time SlotPersonOrganic Cluster TomatoesOrganic bananaOrganic Broccoli BlackberryRaspberryCornAvocadoManila MangoesPortabella mushroomsOyster mushroomsHeirloom tomatoesKiwi AsparagusHawaiian papayasQuinceMintFuji applesTotal
Katrina R.---1 boxes1 boxes------------$72
Lyla W------1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes-------$94
Anhthu c-----1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes--------$120
Jessie T.----1 boxes------------$36
Pri K1 boxes--1 boxes---2 boxes---------$84
Kim C---1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes--1 boxes----$99
Selma K---1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes-----1 boxes-----$149
Sabrina A--1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes--------1 boxes$109
Akangsha Goel1 boxes--1 boxes---------1 boxes---$84
Allison R-----1 boxes-2 boxes---------$69
Fethiye K---1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes---1 boxes--$158
Katie Wang---1 boxes1 boxes--1 boxes---------$87
Elif---1 boxes1 boxes--1 boxes---------$87
Sitara----1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes--------$102
Irina K------1 boxes-1 boxes-2 boxes-1 boxes----$138
Liz Y1 boxes----1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes-------1 boxes$155
Vaishali V2 boxes-----1 boxes1 boxes----1 boxes----$119
Devina1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes----1 boxes-1 boxes-$160
Neerja--1 boxes1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes-----2 boxes-1 boxes-$183
Sitara---1 boxes-------------$36
Angela C---1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes------1 boxes---$150
Mounika---1 boxes---2 boxes---------$66
Maneesha ----1 boxes------------$36
Sofya P----1 boxes-----1 boxes------$62
Anupama1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes------------$90
Atika1 boxes----------------$18
Olivia p.---1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes---------$99
Shweta K1 boxes------1 boxes---------$33
Tiffany H------1 boxes----------$48
Priya---1 boxes-------------$36
Sitara--1 boxes--1 boxes---------1 boxes-$63
Marlis--1 boxes---1 boxes-------1 boxes--$104
Kavita---1 boxes1 boxes--1 boxes--1 boxes------$113
Neerja ------------1 boxes----$20
Ayca E.---1 boxes1 boxes----1 boxes-------$100
Lipi S---1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes--------$117
Nancy Poon------1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes------$117
Riddhi Marjadi ---1 boxes---1 boxes---------$51
Gayatri chandramohan -------1 boxes---------$15
Jigna-------2 boxes---------$30
Ella------1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes--------$81
Angela A.----1 boxes1 boxes----1 boxes------$101
Anna D----1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes--------$117
Divya A.1 boxes--1 boxes---1 boxes--------1 boxes$101
Jane L1 boxes----------------$18
Jane l--1 boxes--------------$14
Ranjani 1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes----------$138
Christine C.------1 boxes2 boxes1 boxes--------$96
Deepali Suri---1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes---1 boxes------$146
Maricar A.-------1 boxes--1 boxes------$41
Penelope Thompson----1 boxes---1 boxes--------$54
Quynh Neutron------1 boxes----------$48
Vina B---1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes---------$99
Maha1 boxes----------------$18
Yulduz----1 boxes--1 boxes---------$51
Sveta----------1 boxes------$26