San Jose: Farm-To-Table Event 09.01.2022

Location: San Jose: Houge Park’s parking lot (behind the tennis courts in view of the Building Kidz School) Twilight Drive & White Oaks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124

The event is only 20 minutes long and will start at 5.30pm, Thursday, 09/01/2022. The vendor can’t wait because they would have to leave for Sunnyvale event right after.  Please, sign up for your timeslot below.

The list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time so the farmer does not perform unneeded work or waste produce.

*Make sure to double-check the list after you signed up. If your name is not on the list it means you did not sign up. This usually happens when someone forgets to add a required input (like name or order-quantity).

*The Edit link in your email is to decrease/increase orders. The remove link is for removing the order entirely. Please, only click the remove link if you want to remove your order completely.

*All produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event.

About the Farm:

The farm is located in Watsonville, CA. It is a small family-operated farm.
$35 per Strawberry flat (a single flat is pictured in the first photo, below). The flats contain 12 plastic baskets of berries. But, we are only offering whole flats. If you need to split, please, organize the split with other members of the group or with your friends and family.
$35 per Raspberries flat. The flats contain 12 baskets of berries like in the picture. We are only offering whole flats.
$35 per Blackberries flat. The flats contain 12 baskets of berries. like in the picture We are only offering whole flats.
$3 per Green Cabbage (1 count)
$2 per Red Onions (1 pound)
$2 per Roma tomato (1 pound)
$2 per Early Girl tomato  (1 pound)
$3 per Serrano pepper (1 pound)
$3 per Poblano Peppers (1 pound)
$3 per Green Beans (1 pound)
$2 Kale Green Curly (1 bunch)
$2 Kale Purple Curly (1 bunch)
$2 Lacinato Kale ( 1 bunch)
$1 per Corn (1 count)
$2 per Cilantro (per bunch)
$3 per Tomatillos (1 pound)
$2 per Potatoes (1 pound)
$2 per Celery (1 count)
The vendor accepts Cash, Venmo. You pay during the pickup, so make sure to put the event into your calendar.

The produce will be picked the same day and delivered to us in the evening.


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Time SlotPersonStrawberry flatBlackberries flatRaspberries flatGreen CabbageRed OnionsRoma tomatoesEarly Girl tomatoSerrano peppersPoblano PeppersGreen BeansKale Green CurlyKale Purple CurlyLacinato KaleCornCilantroTomatillosCeleryPotatoesTotal
Jessica G1 boxes-----------------$35
Florence T.1 boxes1 boxes----------1 bunch-----$72
Salina1 boxes----1 pounds-1 pounds-------1 pounds--$43
Vasu1 boxes--1 count2 pounds-2 pounds--1 pounds---1 count--1 count2 pounds$56
Nancy1 boxes-----------------$35
Natalie Muzzio1 boxes----2 pounds2 pounds-----------$43
Alex C1 boxes-----------------$35
Fariah H-1 boxes1 boxes---1 pounds----2 bunch------$76