San Jose: Organic apples, Persimmons, Decor Pumpkins, Murcotts 10.19.2022

Location: San Jose: Houge Park’s parking lot (behind the tennis courts in view of the Building Kidz School) Twilight Drive & White Oaks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124

. The vendor can’t wait beyond the end of the event because they would have to leave for Sunnyvale event right after.  Please, sign up for your timeslot below.

The list will be closed at 8.30 pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time so the vendor does not perform unneeded work.

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*Berries and other smaller fruit come in NET weight boxes, that exclude packaging and material. Big boxes are usually Gross weight, their weight includes the weight of the box and wrapping material.

*All produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event. (weight/quantity/quality)

Payment: Venmo or Cash at the event

Organic Fuji Apples 80CT FIRST FIRST FARMS WASHINGTON JUBILEE FUJI SEED (EXTREMELY SWEET)  $60 Vendor’s notes. “Jubilee means that apples are off the charts for BRIX scale. They are extremely sweet, probable the best I tried. BRIX Fuji scale: Jubilee, Kiku, XF Fuji (XF Fuji is the most widespread taste), US1 Fuji, CH Fuji.”
Organic small apples LADY GALA 13LBS CUYAMA ORCHARDS CALIFORNIA $30 Great for lunches.
Organic Sugar Pie Pumpkins 35LBS DURST FARMS USA (They are great for pumpkin pies and soups) $45
Organic Persimmons  Hachiya  24CT SUNVIEW FARMS CALIFORNIA $30 (no picture yet. The vendor is going to get them on Tuesday)
Envy apples 60CT NEW ZEALAND FARMS NEW ZEALAND $55 (sweet apples)
Mcintosh apples  38LBS SUN ORCHARD FARMS NEW YORK $70
Cara Cara oranges PROPAL FARMS CHILE 48ct  $50
Autumn King green seedless grapes  18LBS SUNVIEW FARMS CALIFORNIA 9 BAGS $40
Gem Red seedless grapes  18LBS SUNVIEW FARMS CALIFORNIA 9 BAGS $40
Asian Hosui Pears  40CT FLAVOR GROWN FARMS CALIFORNIA $20 (small pears)
Butternut squash 35LBS SAS FARMS USA $30
Decor Pumpkins, Webe Little Orange Pumpkins  20LBS TOM & PETE’S FARMS CALIFORNIA $45 (only for decor, not for eating)
Persian cucumbers 20LBS SUNBLESS FARMS MEXICO $30
Cantaloupes 9CT PEACOCK FARMS USA $28
Strawberries 8X1LBS DRISCOLL FARMS USA $40
Blueberries 12X6OZ Ozblu USA $28 Ozblu is another farm that belongs to Driscoll’s. But these blueberries are really good especially right now when many California berries are on the acidic side due to seasonality.
Raspberries 12X6OZ DRISCOLL USA $30
Blackberries 12X60Z DRISCOLL USA $40
Fuyu persimmons 25LBS (approximately) CALIFORNIA FARMS LOCAL $35
Dragon Fruit (Yellow Pitaya)  FORTUNA FARMS ECUADOR $30 for 8ct
Murcott mandarins 22LBS SWEET HARVEST FARMS PERU $45 sweet variety of mandarins
Honey mandarins 22LBS SWEET HARVEST FARMS PERU $45 sweet variety of mandarins
Avocados $45 for 60ct Bravacado
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Time SlotPersonOrganic Fuji ApplesOrganic Lady Gala applesOrganic Sugar Pie PumpkinsPersimmons  HachiyaENVY applesMcintosh applesComice PearCara Cara orangesPomogranatesAutumn King green grapesGem Red seedless grapesKiwi GOLDAsian Hosui Pears Butternut squashDecor Little PumpkinsPersian cucumbersCantaloupeStrawberriesBlueberriesRaspberriesBlackberriesFuyu persimmonsDragon FruitMurcott mandarinsHoney mandarinsAvocadosTotal
Jacque Coleman-------------------------1 boxes$45
Ella ---------------------1 boxes1 boxes---$65
Tatsiana Nasevich----------------------1 boxes---$30
Deb b1 boxes--------------------1 boxes----$95
Charvi P------------1 boxes------------1 boxes$65
Rachel Jing1 boxes-------------------------$60
Jeffrey Liew-------1 boxes----1 boxes-----------1 boxes1 boxes$160
Susan Barrie1 boxes1 boxes-------------------1 boxes--1 boxes-$170
Nancy H------------------1 boxes----1 boxes--$73
Natalie Zhang1 boxes---------------------1 boxes---$90
Arpita Chugh--------2 boxes-----------------$120
neeru bansal---------------1 boxes----------$30
Anna wong------------1 boxes-------------$20
Vik S1 boxes----------------------1 boxes--$105
Pam T1 boxes-1 boxes---1 boxes1 boxes------1 boxes----------1 boxes$285