Join SplitBunch Group Easter Egg Hunt event for kids age: (5 years old and up or school children). (Please, join your age category, so our little kids can take their time hunting eggs and our older kids can run through the field freely at the speed they want.

EVENT LOCATION: De Anza Park Sunnyvale


Please, drop off eggs with age-appropriate surprises before the event. School kids will have eggs with surprises as well as a mission to collect puzzle pieces as a team or teams. We already collected empty eggs for the puzzles. We currently need to collect eggs with the surprises for this event. So all eggs you are dropping need to be filled with age-appropriate surprises You can also send the eggs via Amazon.

Desired number of eggs: 20ct per kid Please, have 20 eggs filled with age-appropriate surprises. No sweets allowed.



04/06 Wednesday During Produce Pickups in San Jose (Houge) and Sunnyvale (Sports Basement Parking lot)

04/13 Wednesday During Produce Pickups in San Jose (Houge) and Sunnyvale (Sports Basement Parking lot)

You can also ship via Amazon or drop at this address. Please, make sure to put SpliBunch as a receiver. The package needs to be there by Thursday, April 14.

If you decide to ship, please, message SplitBunch, so we make sure to pick them up

1900 Camden Ave Ste 101, San Jose, CA 95124


Our first Sunnyvale Easter Egg hunt was in 2016 when my son was a toddler. This event became popular because we made sure that we have enough eggs by distributing eggs per person. We also know that our little people often end up without any eggs in their baskets when they attend events where there is no age separation. Our older kids can’t enjoy running freely when there are many “little bugs” in their way.  That is why we are separating the kids by age groups in back to back slots, this makes our event run smoothly and lets everyone enjoy the events.


You can also buy already filled eggs on Amazon if you do not have time to put them together.

Here are the good examples from our previous events:

Mini Figures are always popular among this crowd

Eggs filled with Building blocks

Eggs filled with slime



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My h 3 $0
Anna D1 $0
Madhura T1 $0
Megan W. 1 $0
Abhishek 1 $0
Abhishek 1 $0
Harini1 $0
Ruchi 1 $0
Humza 1 $0
Gesmyne B2 $0