Strawberries, Purple Curly Kale, Green Curly Kale, Rainbow Swiss Chard, Cilantro

Location: Sunnyvale Sports Basement: 1177 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Park in the part of the parking lot that faces Lawrence expressway.

The event is only 30 minutes long and will start at 5:00pm, Saturday, 05/07/2022.  Please, sign up for your timeslot below.

The parking lot is one-way. Please do not drive against traffic.

The list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time so the farmer does not perform unneeded work or waste produce.

*Make sure to double-check the list after you signed up. If your name is not on the list it means you did not sign up. This usually happens when someone forgets to add a required input (like name or order-quantity).

*The Edit link in your email is to decrease/increase orders. The remove link is for removing the order entirely. Please, only click the remove link if you want to remove your order completely.

*All produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event.

About the Farm:

The farm is located in Watsonville, CA. It is a small family-operated farm.
$35 per Strawberry flat (a single flat is pictured in the first photo, below). The flats contain 12 plastic baskets of berries. But, we are only offering whole flats. If you need to split, please, organize the split with other members of the group or with your friends and family.
$2.50 per bunch of Purple Curly Kale
$2.50 per bunch of Green Curly Kale
$2.50 per Rainbow Swiss Chard
$2.00 per Bunch of Cilantro

The vendor accepts Cash, Venmo, and Credit Cards (I am not sure if they take all credit cards, so make sure to have other methods as well). You pay during the pick up, so make sure to put the event into your calendar.

The produce will be picked the same day and delivered to us in the evening.

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Time SlotPersonStrawberries (flat)Purple Curly Kale (bunch)Green Curly Kale (bunch)Rainbow Swiss Chard (bunch)Cilantro (bunch)Total
Jennifer C1 boxes----$35
Anusha Nalluri1 boxes---1 $37
Sara VS1 boxes----$35
Lorina1 boxes--1 -$37.5
Angela L1 boxes----$35
Nancy P.1 boxes----$35
Melissa1 boxes----$35
amber1 boxes----$35
Catherine H1 boxes----$35
Alvina C1 boxes----$35
Shelly c.1 boxes----$35
Usha R1 boxes----$35
Jane N.1 boxes----$35
Sarah H.1 boxes1 1 1 -$42.5
Malveeka Tewari1 boxes---1 $37
JH Kim1 boxes----$35
Anusha Nalluri1 boxes----$35
Angeles Aguilar 1 boxes----$35
Claire E1 boxes----$35
Angela Wong1 boxes----$35
Shalini Sasidharan 1 boxes1 1 1 1 $44.5
Lisa Lakata1 boxes--1 -$37.5
Marlis1 boxes1 -1 -$40
Sid G-1 1 1 1 $9.5
Gina Y1 boxes1 -1 -$40
Luann Dugan1 boxes----$35