Sunnyvale: Navel Oranges Event 01.09.2024

Location: Lakewood Park’s parking lot (it is behind the basketball and tennis courts) 834 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089

The event will start at 5.00 pm, Tuesday, 01/09/2024. Please, sign up for your timeslot below. The event is very short. So, don’t be late.

The list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time, not after, so the vendor does not do any unneeded work.

*Make sure to double-check the list after you signed up. If your name is not on the list it means you did not sign up. This usually happens when you are missing some required lines in the form.

Payment: Venmo or Cash at the event to the vendor.

* All seasonal produce needs to be inspected at the event before leaving the event. Please inspect quality, weight, counts, and perform any other non-damaging checks you need.  If inspections happen before leaving the event, that allows the vendor to get a replacement or even just give a cash-refund. SplitBunch does not have any bandwidth for any customer support and only provides convenient signup lists for the events.

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The lady who usually supplies us with persimmons is bringing  Washington Navel Oranges from Central California. (Washington Navel is the variety of the navel).

Washington Navel Oranges $35 for 42 pounds in the box ($0.87 per pound if you commit to a whole box)

Washington Navel  Oranges $20 for 20 pounds box/bag ($1.00 per pound if you commit to a 20-pound bag/box)

Clementines Mandarins $30 for 18 pounds ($1.66 per pound)

She only provides these two options: 42 pounds and 20 pounds. Use SplitBunch group if you need to organize a split of the box.

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Time SlotPersonNavel Oranges (42 pounds)Navel oranges (20 pounds)Clementine mandarins 18 poundsTotal
Anna D--1 boxes$30
Szia Be-1 bags-$20
Szia Be--1 boxes$30
Cynthia T.--1 boxes$30
Michelle Smarr -1 bags1 boxes$50
Sima--1 boxes$30
Snow--1 boxes$30
Amie Carpio--1 boxes$30
Amie Carpio--1 boxes$30