Sunnyvale: Organic Envy Apples, Organic Concorde Pears, Organic Roma, Organic Del Cabo Sugar Plum Tomatoes

Location: Sunnyvale Sports Basement: 1177 Kern Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085. Park at the parking lot that looks at Lawrence expressway.  The parking lot is going only in one direction.

The list will be closed at 8.30pm the day before the event. Please, make up your mind by that time, not after, so the vendor does not do any not-needed work.

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Organic FUJI apples 72CT $35 STEMILT Farms
Organic Spring Mix EarthBound farms $23 8 boxes by 5 oz
Organic Sugarplum tomatoes. Del Cabo Farms $20 for 12X1PINT(sweet little tomatoes, perfect for salads or just eating by itself.)
Organic ROMA tomatoes 25LBS DIVINE $38
Organic Concorde pear 22LBS $32 STEMILT
Organic Envy Apples $54 for 60ct (it is in the end of the reservation list)
Mango KENT 7CT  $14
Honey Crunch mandarins 18LBS FLORIDA $45
Pomegranates $34 for 22 ct
Blackberry Driscoll’s $36 12/6oz
SWEETEST BATCH edition, Blueberry Driscoll’s $50 8X11OZ (Driscoll’s sells them twice a year for about a month.)
Raspberry Driscoll’s $36 12/6oz
Grapefruit Oro Blanco $26 for 32CT CALIFORNIA
Blood orange $25 for 18 pounds. SUNKIST CALIFORNIA
Cara Cara oranges $37 for 56ct  BUTTONWILLOW CA
Avocado 60CT $60 CALAVO
Mint $12 for 12ct
Bunched Broccoli $20 for 18ct OAK CANYON CA
Yellow corn 40CT $28 SWEET CORN
Persian cucumbers $28 for 20 pounds EARTH, Mexico
English Cucumbers $12 for 12 ct SUNSET Mexico
Snap Pea $34 for 10 pounds  MANNS Mexico
Portobello mushrooms 5 pounds for $19 FARMERS FRESH CANADA
Papaya Hawaiian 8CT $32 HAWAIIAN GOLD
Bunched Red Beets 12CT $22 RATTO CA


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Time SlotPersonOrganic FUJI applesOrganic Spring MixOrganic Sugarplum tomatoesOraganic ROMA tomatoesOrganic Concorde pearMango KENTHoney Crunch mandarinsPomegranatesBlackberry Driscoll\'sSWEETEST BATCH edition, Blueberry Driscoll\'sRaspberry Driscoll\'sGrapefruit Oro BlancoBlood orangeCara Cara orangesAvocadoMintBunched BroccoliYellow cornPersian cucumbersEnglish CucumbersSnap PeaPortobello mushroomsPapaya HawaiianBunched Red BeetsOrganic Envy ApplesTotal
Anna D--------------1 boxes----------$60
Diane V-------2 boxes-----------------$68
Neerja-----1 boxes---------1 boxes-1 boxes-------$54
april t------1 boxes--1 boxes---------------$95
Teddy Ha--1 boxes---------------------1 boxes$74
Esther A--1 boxes-1 boxes---------1 boxes----------$112
Yelena --1 boxes--1 boxes-------------------$34
Tanti Y.---------1 boxes---1 boxes-----------$87
Emily C-----1 boxes----------------1 boxes--$46
Parul M-----1 boxes----------------1 boxes--$46
Julie Wisefield----------1 boxes--------------$36
Srivani -------1 boxes----1 boxes-1 boxes----------$119
HninPwint Phyu------1 boxes----1 boxes-------------$71
Joni---------1 boxes------1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes----$116
Atika 1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes--------------------$87
Tatiana S1 boxes--1 boxes--------1 boxes------------$98
Shruti--------1 boxes--------1 boxes--1 boxes----$98
Julia Goodwin-------1 boxes---------1 boxes-------$62
Christina S-----1 boxes----------------1 boxes1 boxes-$68
Celia Sanchez -----1 boxes-------------------$14
Stephanie Asano-1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes1 boxes1 boxes---1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes-1 boxes----$378
Yelena-----------1 boxes-------------$26
Liz Y1 boxes1 boxes-------1 boxes-------1 boxes1 boxes------$164
TuongVi-----1 boxes-------------------$14
Priya--------1 boxes----------------$36
Satvik C-----1 boxes----------1 boxes--------$34
Maricar A-----1 boxes------1 boxes------------$39
Annapurna -------------------1 boxes-----$12
Amber U1 boxes-1 boxes------1 boxes--1 boxes1 boxes-1 boxes---------$179
Sofya T------1 boxes------1 boxes-----------$82
Deepti wazir1 boxes------------1 boxes-----------$72
Ana Chacon ------------1 boxes------------$25