Mama Liangs Event

ATTENTION: You will need to pay in advance for all ready-to-eat meal-kits. Please, Venmo to @mamaliangs
Frozen items can be paid at the event
Taiwanese food from Mama Liangs ( Mama Liangs is a trendy Cupertino restaurant with a long history, but also the flexibility to try something new. You may have seen one of their projects on Kickstarter a few years ago.
Here are the options they suggested with great discounts for the group.

– Ready-to-eat Meal Kts (pre-pay) –
Chilled Peanut Noodle Bundle (3 servings) *Vegetarian*
· Description: Served with shredded cucumbers, sesame peanut sauce, garlic, and crushed peanuts. Cold noodles are flour-based.
· How to enjoy: This item tastes best a little chilled or at room temperature. We do not recommend heating up this item.
· Price: $26 (Original Price:$39)

Hainan Chicken Rice Plate (1 or 2 servings)
· Description: Garlic Rice cooked w/ Chicken Oil. Includes sliced cucumbers and two different sauces.
· How to enjoy: Enjoy chicken at room temperature. Rice can be heated for 1-2 minutes.
· 1 Serving Price: $13 (Original Price: $15.25)
· 2 Servings Price: $24 (Original Price $30.50)

Frozen (pay on-site) –
Beef Noodle Soup Meal Kit (1 serving)
· Description: 1 serving – Our flagship dish is Beef Noodle Soup, a traditional Taiwanese noodle dish filled with braised beef chunks and beef broth. Our original secret family recipe enhances the fragrance and flavor of the broth that is slow cooked for over 48 hours. [Cooking Time: 10 Minutes]
· Meal Kit Includes: Noodles (6oz), Beef, Sour Cabbage, and Soup Base
· Cooking video:
· Price: $13 (Original: $14)

Pork Sauces (6 servings)
· Includes: (1) Minced Pork Sauce + (1) Tomato Pork Sauce + 6 bundles of fresh noodles
· Description: Meat Sauces that makes a delicious addition on top of your bowl of rice or noodles (Fried egg is recommended on top ;)). Even better, enjoy it with any of your steamed vegetables or proteins!
o Tomato Pork Sauce: (3 servings)
Frozen: Slow cooked minced pork with tomatoes and caramelized onion.
o Minced Pork Sauce (3 servings)
Frozen: Slowly stewed minced pork cooked with shallots.
· Price: $42 (Original Price $52)


Location: Lakewood Park’s parking lot (it is behind the basketball and tennis courts) 834 Lakechime Dr, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Please don’t share the link outside of the group.

Please, wear masks for the event and keep social distancing

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Time SlotPersonHainan Chicken Rice PlateHainan Chicken Rice PlateCold Noodle BundleFrozen Beef Noodle Soup KitFrozen Pork SaucesTotal
Anna De1 servings-3 servings--$39
Lulu Curtis---3 servings-$39
Christine C.-2 servings3 servings2 servings6 servings$118
Helena N-2 servings-2 servings6 servings$92
Lisa Srinivasan -2 servings3 servings1 servings-$63
Jeanette H.-2 servings--6 servings$66
Jen P-2 servings-4 servings6 servings$118
Kelli C (picked up by Nancy P)-2 servings3 servings--$50
SuShien P, pick up by Lee P-2 servings3 servings1 servings6 servings$105
Eliza L. (Pickup by Jeff L.)-2 servings3 servings2 servings6 servings$118
Anhthu C----6 servings$42
Nancy P.-4 servings--6 servings$90
Jennifer C---2 servings-$26
Cindy K1 servings--4 servings12 servings$149
Bonnie Lam---4 servings12 servings$136
Phyllis Zhu1 servings-3 servings3 servings-$78
Bonnie Lam---4 servings12 servings$136
Pitiya -4 servings3 servings1 servings6 servings$129
Christina L--6 servings-6 servings$94
Yuliana You-2 servings--6 servings$66
Romy Tapia-2 servings---$24