Sunnyvale: Mama Liangs March Event

ATTENTION: You will need to pay in advance for all orders. Please, Venmo to @mamaliangs
Mama Liang’s will be giving a Free bottle of Wintermelon Tea to everyone who spends $70 or more for the purchase.
Here are the options they suggested with great discounts for the group.

– Ready to Eat – 
Beef Pancake Wrap (3 or 5 Servings) 

  • Description: Our original Beef Pancake Wrap was invented by Mama Liang’s son in 2008. Growing up in Taiwan, Ivan had always loved beef wraps and scallion pancakes. After a vacation spent visiting Taiwan, he was inspired to create what we now know as the Beef Pancake Wrap. 

The Beef Pancake Wrap is made with a hand-kneaded crispy scallion pancake wrapped around tender braised beef shanks with our special sauce spread, pickled Chinese mustard greens, and cilantro. Sweet and savory, slightly tangy, with a hint of freshness from the cilantro. Talk about a little bit of crunch, chewiness and umami! 

Our Beef Pancake Wrap has gained recognition in many communities in the recent 10-15 years and has become a popular sensation throughout the U.S. 

  • How to enjoy: Heat up in oven for 10 mins at 375F
  • 3 Serving Price: $32 (Original Price: $36) in 3 boxes 
  • 5 Serving Price: $52 (Original Price: $60) in party tray 

Fried Chicken Rice Plate  (2 servings)

  • Description: Taiwanese Fried Chicken Cutlet served with steamed rice, Minced Pork Sauce, and Sour Cabbage. (*Note: Chicken Marinade contains Shellfish | Fried in common fryer that contains traces of other meat and egg products) 
  • How to enjoy: Heat fried chicken up in oven for 5-10 mins at 375F 
  • Price: $24 (Original Price $30) 
  • Not shareable: 2 boxes will come with fried chicken in 1 box and Rice+garnishes in another box.

Chilled Peanut Noodle Bundle (3 servings) *Vegetarian* 

  • Description: Served with shredded cucumbers, sesame peanut sauce, garlic, and crushed peanuts. Cold noodles are flour based. 
  • How to enjoy: This item tastes best a little chilled or at room temperature. We do not recommend heating up this item.
  • Price: $26 (Original Price:$30) in 3 boxes 

Stewed Meat Platter (Serves 4) 

  • Description: Original recipes created by Mama Liang herself. Our stewed items are cooked and steeped for more than 12 hours. Party tray includes Stewed Duck Wings, Stewed Pig’s Ear, Stewed Bean Curd, and Stewed Egg – garnished with sesame oil and green onion
  • How to enjoy: Chilled or room temperature.
  • Price: $27 (Original Price:$32.50) – Medium Size Party Tray

Salted Duck (2 or 4 Servings) – Preorder by Wednesday (03/03) 10am

  • Description: Mama Liang’s famous JianXuan Salted Duck is now available for you to stock up! A recipe that originated hundreds of years ago from Nanjing, China, and brought to Pingtung Village, Taiwan, where Mama Liang learned and created many of her own recipes. This is traditionally served as a cold dish. By dry brining our duck with Sichuan peppercorn spice mix, it is packed with flavors! Unlike other cold poultry dishes that are typically served with ginger scallion sauce, our Salted Duck tastes great on it’s own. How to enjoy: Chilled or room temperature.
  • ½ Duck (2 Servings): $19 – in 1 box
  • Whole Duck (4 Servings): $34 (Original Price: $38) – in 2 boxes 

Caramelized Brown Sugar Milk Tea (4 servings – ½ gallon) 

  • Description: Inspired by our Taiwanese Night Market evenings! Slow-cooked brown sugar shaken up with fresh brewed black tea and creamer. Includes Grass Jelly & Egg Pudding Toppings
  • Expiration for Tea: 7 Days
  • Expiration for Toppings: 5 days  *Our drinks taste best fresh! 
  • How to enjoy: Fill up your favorite cup with ice. Shake-up bottle of Caramelized Brown Sugar Milk Tea and pour into your cup! Top with Grass Jelly or Egg Pudding or BOTH!
  • ½ Gallon Price : $21 (Original Price: $22)
  • (2) ½ Gallon Price: $40 (Original Price: $44)

Bamboo Shoots (24 oz box) *Vegetarian* 

  • Description: Caramelized Shitake Mushrooms slow cooked with sliced bamboo shoots. Dressed with homemade soy sauce.
  • Price: $11.50 (Original: $13.90)

Extra Spicy Chili Oil Jar *Vegetarian* 

  • Description: Extra Spicy Chili Oil that is perfect for any chili lover. We mean it when we say EXTRA SPICY!
  • Price: $7.50 (Original: $8)

– Frozen – 

Pork Sauces (6 servings) 

  • Description: Meat Sauces that makes a delicious addition on top of your bowl of rice or noodles (Fried egg is recommended on top ;)). Even better, enjoy it with any of your steamed vegetables or proteins! Tomato Pork Sauce (3 servings) is slow cooked minced pork with tomatoes and caramelized onion that has been frozen for later consumption. Minced Pork Sauce (3 servings) is slowly stewed minced pork cooked with shallots that has been frozen for later consumption.
    Meal Kit Includes: (1) Minced Pork Sauce + (1) Tomato Pork Sauce + (6 bundles) of fresh noodles
    How to enjoy: Packages include instructions.
    Price: $42 (Original Price $52)

Beef Noodle Soup Meal Kit (1 serving) 

  • Description: 1 serving – Our flagship dish is Beef Noodle Soup, a traditional Taiwanese noodle dish filled with braised beef chunks and beef broth. Our original secret family recipe enhances the fragrance and flavor of the broth that is slow cooked for over 48 hours. [Cooking Time: 10 Minutes] ● Meal Kit Includes: Noodles (6oz), Beef, Sour Cabbage, and Soup Base 
  • Cooking video:
  • Price: $13 (Original: $14)

Kurobuta Pork Red Oil Wontons (2 serving) 

  • Description: 2 serving – Meet our refreshed Kurobuta Pork Red-Oil Wontons Meal-Kit. Each wonton is precisely hand wrapped in a beautiful boat shape with Kurobuta Pork and delicate wonton skin, giving each piece a sweet and juicy flavor. The secret to completing this dish is the mild red-oil sauce that is perfectly proportioned to drench the dish with a balance of sweet, savory and fragrant spices. [Cooking Time: 8 Minutes]
  • Meal Kit Includes: Wontons (14 pcs), 2 Sauce Packets, 2 Sichuan Zacai Packets
  • Cooking video:
  • Price: $16.50 (Original: $18)

Our Story 
From our family’s humble beginnings in a small village in Pingtung, Taiwan, we bring delicious Taiwanese comfort food to your table. Our legacy begins with Grandma Liang whose nourishing dishes were beloved by her close knit community. Our restaurant, Liang’s Village opened in California in 1981, proudly serving the authentic taste of our hometown. With each generation, we have expanded and innovated the recipes while preserving the classic flavors we know by heart. In the true spirit of Grandma Liang, we share with you our favorite foods – heartwarming, handcrafted, and nutritious. 

Fun Facts 

  • In 2018, we launched a Kickstarter campaign with our signature Beef Noodle Soup in the forefront giving birth to our frozen brand, Mama Liang’s
  • Our first store was in the San Gabriel Valley area in Southern California
  • Both Liang’s Village and Mama Liang’s is now managed by Grandma Liang’s grandchildren
  • The Hainan Chicken Rice Plate was inspired by Grandma Liang’s grandchildren’s childhood growing up in Thailand. You’ll find one of the sauces included to have a bit of Thai flavor to it!


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Time SlotPersonBeef Pancake Wrap (3 boxes)Beef Pancakes (party tray)Fried Chicken Rice Plate Chilled Peanut Noodle Bundle (3 boxes)Stewed Meat Platter (party tray)Salted Duck (1box)Salted Duck (2 boxes)Caramelized Brown Sugar Milk Tea (½ Gallon)Brown Sugar Milk Tea ((2) ½ Gallon)Bamboo Shoots (24 oz box) *Vegetarian* Pork Sauces (FROZEN, 6 servings)Beef Noodle Soup Meal Kit (FROZEN)Kurobuta Pork Red Oil Wontons (FROZEN)Extra Spicy Chili Oil Jar *Vegetarian* Total
Marjorie C3 servings-----4 servings----2 servings2 servings-$108.5
Yuliana You--2 servings--2 servings-----2 servings2 servings1 jar$93
Lulu C3 servings-2 servings--2 servings----6 servings2 servings--$143
Kim C3 servings------1 jar---2 servings-1 jar$86.5
Eliza L (pickup by Jeff L)--2 servings3 servings-2 servings----6 servings4 servings2 servings-$179.5
Christine C.--4 servings3 servings4 servings----24 oz--4 servings-$145.5
Wendy Kam--2 servings--2 servings---24 oz6 servings---$96.5
Karen Kung------4 servings----3 servings--$73
Angela C3 servings--3 servings4 servings-------4 servings-$118
Angela Amberden3 servings---------6 servings-2 servings-$90.5
CeCe C.3 servings----2 servings-----1 servings2 servings-$80.5
Sabrina A3 servings--3 servings-2 servings--------$77
Maribel -5 servings-3 servings----------$78
Ranjani T---------24 oz----$11.5
Tammy S3 servings----------2 servings2 servings-$74.5